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We’ve been enjoying business since 1938. Seriously.

We offer everything you need to get your fun-food business rolling.

We help business owners run high-profit fun-food programs.

We supply comfort beverage and snack foods that are synonymous with fun, good times and great memories. Whether at the theatre, the local recreation centre, the ball game or hockey game, Harlan’s provides the products that warm up, refresh and satisfy. From coffee, slush beverages such as Slush Puppie and Slush Puppie® Fizz, popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, waffles, cotton candy and sno-kones our products are associated with fun times shared with family and friends.

We provide beverage and snack food profit building programs to a broad range of customers in the hospitality, school, recreation and food service segments. What sets us apart is that we don’t just sell products. We sell complete beverage and snack food programs which include the equipment, supplies, packaging and accessories branded together with high impact merchandising designed to communicate, entice, generate trial and ongoing customer loyalty. Our brands are trusted quality and performance leaders in the areas of hot beverages, frozen beverages, snack foods, breakfast programs and ice cream supplies. Trusted to perform against the most rigorous operating conditions, you can rely on them to deliver against your customers’ high quality expectations with consistently great tasting results.

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