Equipment Financing

In addition to purchasing equipment outright, we offer a number of different purchase plans that make it easy for you to get set up and operating, quickly and easily. We work with you to determine the best equipment financing option for you and your business.

Installment Plans

In addition to purchasing equipment outright, we offer a simple installment plan (on approved credit) that makes it easy for you to own a new piece of equipment. This plan is based on four equal payment installments.


Get started quickly and easily with many of our equipment programs with one of our lease to own programs. Leasing enables you to get started without excessive up front costs. You pay as you go, with no hassles. We’re always on call to support your questions and service your needs plus the machine is yours to own with only a $10.00 buyout once lease period expires.


Many of our programs are available as monthly or seasonal rentals so you can try before you buy. Ask one of our representatives for details.

Profit Sharing

For some of our programs and in qualified locations, we will place equipment free of charge, provided you participate fully in the program by using our products exclusively. Give us a call for more details.