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We love introducing new products that keep our customers at the forefront of innovation and new product and flavour trends!

Below is a sampling of our new product introductions. Give us a call if you have any questions.



Mini Donuts

Finally… a concessions Mini Donut that does not need deep fat fryers. We have developed a process to deliver hot and fresh Mini Donuts in a very easy and simple manner and without the mess and safety hazards a deep fat fryer can create. We have created a way to bring Mini Donuts to concessions where frying donuts is either impractical or impossible.




Slush Puppie Fizz Carbonated Slush Beverages

SLUSH PUPPiE® FIZZ Lightly Carbonated Slush

There’s a new SLUSH PUPPiE in town and he’s learned a new trick, that’s a real treat! New SLUSH PUPPiE FIZZ is a lightly carbonated slush drink with a wetter consistency than traditional SLUSH PUPPiE and is available in fruit and soda pop flavours. This product is a great value and its’ consistency is what Canadians love in their carbonated slush drinks!

SLUSH PUPPiE FIZZ 2 Head Machine Special
SLUSH PUPPiE FIZZ 3 Head Machine Special



Slush Puppie Twisted Yard BottleSLUSH PUPPiE Twisted Yard Bottle

Generate excitement and create some holiday themed promotions to drive incremental volume. This 24oz Twisted Yard bottle is a great vehicle to offer refill programs. It’s a great take home souvenir. It’s durable, easy to handle and made of Non-BPA plastic. And of course, it’s fun!

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Retail Cotton CandyCotton Candy

New retail mini puppie cotton candy now available!

Looking for cotton candy machines and cotton candy supplies? We can help with that too! Give your local branch a call for details on product and equipment availability.

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Kernels Popcorn Seasoning Merchandiser

Kernels™ Popcorn Seasoning Displays

New popcorn seasoning merchandisers now available in floor model and counter top units.

Make the great taste of popcorn even better with Kernels popcorn seasoning…but why stop there? These seasonings are great for flavouring other food as well. Flavour up your French fries, chicken wings, onion rings…you’re only bound by your imagination.

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Cretors Poppi Air Popcorn MachineCretors Poppi – Air Popcorn Machine

A first of its kind, Poppi is a compact industrial counter model that air pops popcorn. No oil is used in the process, making it a healthier alternative with less mess and minimal cleanup. Using hot air popcorn reduces food costs and also increases finished product shelf life. This is a great machine to use for your flavoured and caramel corn popcorn products.

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Cretors Trilogy Popcorn MachineTrilogy Popcorn Machine – 3 Poppers in One!

The Cretors® Trilogy Popcorn Machine provides you with the versatility of having three poppers in one! You get the versatility of an 8oz, 12oz and 16oz kettle all in one machine. It’s easy to load, easy to clean and is fitted with a one-piece magnetic catch lid. It has a twist lock for easy pan removal, a stainless steel kettle and durable stainless steel welded frame. The best part is, it plugs into a standard 15 amp outlet!